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Should I enable lua-scripting in the neomutt package?

From: ng0
Subject: Should I enable lua-scripting in the neomutt package?
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:46:39 +0000

Recently, with the last release, neomutt introduced lua-scripting
for neomutt. It's not enabled by default because it's in a phase
where neomutt wants people to enable it, test it, and receive feedback
to improve it.
As the announcement of it points out, this can be used to write the
neomutt config in lua.
With awesome-wm, we (still) have lots of issues with lua I haven't
looked into.

Are there reasons why we might not want lua as a dependency installed?
Neomutt is delivered as feature-complete (except the databases, where
we don't enable every possible type (yet)).
Should we just wait until neomutt enables lua-scripting by default in
the build?

Tell me what you think.
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