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Building a secure communications server

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Building a secure communications server
Date: Sat, 13 May 2017 08:03:27 +0200
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In light of recent political attacks on E-mail servers in France and
the USA and in light of the current worm attack I think it is very
clear we need communication servers we can trust. I am running my own
E-mail server and with the progress we are making in GNU Guix (system
configuration, image creation) I think we are close to creating a
solution that others can use. What I want achieve is that we can fire
up an image on a VPS with safe communications. It would contain a mail
server and webmail. The user will have option to allow users to only
communicate internally and, perhaps, keep incoming mail in one account
keeping mail in 'escrow'. 

This image should be state-of-the-art in security setup. Guix can help
greatly there. Part of the security will come from the fact that these
machines are not centrally hosted. An alternative to protonmail, for
example. We should be able to lose a few servers as long as we get
notified somehow that they have been compromised. This is a biological
model of defence.

Who wants to help me create such a solution? It has to be a team
effort. If you need bread we can also try and find some money. In fact
it would be great to get someone full time hacking on this.

Who wants to run such a server? We also need users. I would have set
up a couple of such instances today for teams on the road in

I realise this may take some resources from Guix development, but I
think it is justified and it may gain Guix more attention and


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