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github tarballs problematic?

From: ng0
Subject: github tarballs problematic?
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2017 20:35:28 +0000

I've just come across this post via

quote in almost full:

today, I've accidentally attested there are no stability guarantees with the 
on-demand archives from common git hosting sites when preparing a new pacemaker 
update, redownloading "spectool -s 0 pacemaker.spec" of the original (-0.1.rc1, 
from 2 weeks ago) spec and comparing the hashes, which (surprisingly to me) 
didn't match (they were at any similar test in the past). Then I looked at the 
adiff output:
 diff -ru Unpack-2241/pacemaker-Pacemaker-1.1.17-rc1/
 --- Unpack-2241/pacemaker-Pacemaker-1.1.17-rc1/configure.ac2017-05-09 
 +++ Unpack-6255/pacemaker-Pacemaker-1.1.17-rc1/configure.ac2017-05-09 
 @@ -1159,7 +1159,7 @@
  AC_PATH_PROGS(GIT, git false)
  AC_MSG_CHECKING(build version)
  if test  != ":%h$"; then
     AC_MSG_RESULT(archive hash: ) 
for that indeed has export-subst git attribute set and the change 
itself arises from "$Format:%h$" substitution. This likely means GitHub was 
internally updated to use equivalent of git 2.11 feature of abbreviation length 
autoscaling within last 14 days. Hope this will be useful for some (e.g. 
fedora-review tool has a check to redownload and diff sources against SRPM 
content, IIRC).
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