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anyone interested in working on fish-guix? question wether to include in

From: ng0
Subject: anyone interested in working on fish-guix? question wether to include in guix, to send to Fish, or to keep doing it alone
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 21:18:42 +0000


I want to ask if we have interested people in our community to
take over collective maintainership of the Guix completions for
Fish (fish-guix). This would happen within the guix repository
itself, like our zsh and bash completions.
My assumption right now is: No.

If my assumption turns out to be true, I'll send a request upstream
(to Fish) who seem to have accept completions for applications
aswell. The problem I see with including it in upstream is:
they depend on Github, they (probably) require at least one
person knowledgable in Guix to keep updating the completions.

I know where I wanted to go with this (what I want to include, etc),
but right now I see myself just trying to finish the functionality
of Fish extensions in general in Guix, not taking on long-time
maintainership of this alone.
There isn't much work left on the completions, some cleaning up
is all that's left, then some rewriting the code maybe to get rid
of the original base I was inspired by, and then add new features.

All of the above as a question posed to you only makes sense if
there is at least one more person up to the task, otherwise I can
just keep doing it low priority outside of Guix.
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