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Scope of support for Guix on other distros

From: David Seaward
Subject: Scope of support for Guix on other distros
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 11:18:12 +0200

Hi all,

To what extent is support for other distros a priority for the Guix
project? In other words, explicitly planning to make Guix available as 
an alternate installation source on non-Guix-SD distros.

The reason I ask is that cross-distro installers are increasingly
popular (for example, Flatpak and Snappy) but none of them (currently)
provide a central repository that is guaranteed free. [1][2] It
occurred to me that Guix could function as an "app store" (repository)
as well as a distro.

As well as supporting the Guix package manager on other distros, I'd
guess this would also require integration with PackageKit / GNOME
Software. [3]

Or is this kind of thinking out-of-scope for the Guix/Guix SD project
as it stands today?



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