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GuixSD on PXE (was: Do we really need our own installer?)

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: GuixSD on PXE (was: Do we really need our own installer?)
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2017 12:09:03 -0300
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Should we really have instructions to do so?

There are two possibilities:

- One uses GuixSD with PXE to access his own computer. No services like
  "Internet caffe" or "thin clients" are provided *to* third-parties.

- Someone decides to use GuixSD in PXE to provide the services described
  in the previous item.

One option would also involve discouraging the second item, with a link
to the address given in the next paragraph.

For more detail, see

Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:

> Hartmut Goebel <address@hidden> writes:
> This is not a binary choice.  We can do both.
> Since the custom installer already exists and there are people who
> continue its development I don’t see why we should give it up.
> This will never be a graphical installer, though, so motivated people
> are very welcome to explore ways to adapt existing graphical installer
> frameworks so that we can use them with Guix.
> This is not a question of “purity”.
> I for one would like to be able to let people install GuixSD with a
> simple graphical installer.  Personally, though, I don’t think that’s as
> urgent as making GuixSD installable via PXE in managed environments.
> Installation makes up only a tiny amount of the lifetime of a GuixSD
> system, so in my opinion the project doesn’t really need a large scale
> effort on this end.
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> Ricardo
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