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ESC/P-R package

From: Diego Nicola Barbato
Subject: ESC/P-R package
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 00:32:07 +0200
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I would like to create a package for the ESC/P-R printer driver.  The
recipe works on my machine (GuixSD on x86_64).  Yet I am not sure about
the source URL as it appears to break as soon as a new version is made
available because the old link is not preserved.  Should we get the
source from
instead, even though it is an older version?



diff -u ~/Programs/Guix/cups.scm.old ~/Programs/Guix/cups.scm
--- ~/Programs/Guix/cups.scm.old        2017-10-28 23:26:11.356064722 +0200
+++ ~/Programs/Guix/cups.scm    2017-10-29 00:03:38.820338060 +0200
@@ -599,3 +599,30 @@
 protocols, which cover printers made by Konica, HP (LaserJet), Oki, Samsung,
 and more.  See @file{README} for details.")
     (license license:gpl2+)))
+(define-public escpr
+  (package
+   (name "escpr")
+   (version "1.6.17")
+   ;; This currently works.  But it will break as soon as a newer
+   ;; version is available since the URLs for older versions are not
+   ;; preserved.  An alternative would be to download the source (for
+   ;; an older version) from this Debian repository:
+   ;;
+   (source (origin
+           (method url-fetch)
+           (uri 
+           (sha256
+            (base32
+              "0m6v1wdavw4r25jfywqchsx0v9ss1l5fr8vq9d0d8cmjnz8mqblv"))))
+   (build-system gnu-build-system)
+   (arguments
+    `(#:configure-flags
+      `(,(string-append "--prefix=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
+        ,(string-append "--with-cupsfilterdir=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out") 
+        ,(string-append "--with-cupsppddir=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out") 
+   (inputs `(("cups" ,cups-minimal)))
+   (synopsis "ESC/P-R printer driver")
+   (description "ESC/P-R driver supporting a multitude of Epson printers.")
+   (home-page "";)
+   (license license:gpl2+)))

Diff finished.  Sun Oct 29 00:04:01 2017

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