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Re: Ruby on Rails (web-application framework) (and the wip-rails branch)

From: Ben Woodcroft
Subject: Re: Ruby on Rails (web-application framework) (and the wip-rails branch)
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 13:34:48 +1000
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On 06/02/18 08:34, Christopher Baines wrote:
Ben Woodcroft <address@hidden> writes:
On 31/01/18 05:50, Christopher Baines wrote:
I think it would be good to see these packages in the master branch, and
would be up for trying to help towards this. Ben, do you have any
thoughts on the wip-rails branch?
My main thought is thank you very much for digging this up. After we
update the descriptions, synopses and lint each package, would you say
that they are suitable for inclusion in master? It may be a good idea
also to run an automated license checker to verify the copylefts.
I don't see any reason why we can't get these changes in to master, if
we neaten them up a bit. I'd definately like to see these packages in

The biggest issue I came across while creating the original package
definitions was circular dependencies, AFAIR these issues were mainly
solved by disabling tests in strategic packages. While I haven't tested
this, my impression is that sometimes a packages was added to the
wip-rails branch that did not end up being in the dependency graph of
rails. If these packages are not useful in their own right e.g. if they
are not maintained, then I think we should not bother to add them to
Guix proper.

One way of working on this would be to get commits in that branch ready
to merge, either by just checking over the commits adding a single
package, or pulling a package out of the big commit at the head of the
branch [3]. Then once commits are ready, merge them in to master, and
rebase the branch.


Does anyone have any recommendations of methodologies to follow, or want
to volunteer time to prepare and review commits?
My idea would be to write a generalised 'add-packages-to-git' Guile
script which takes the current state of that branch, adds each package
into git separately, and then uses the dependency graph to reorder the
commits appropriately.

The commit message for adding a package is quite straightforward - I
myself already use a little script to automate the process [0] for
single packages.

I think that a script of this kind would be quite useful outside this
effort too - WDYT?


The script does look useful, but I was on the train coming back from
FOSDEM today, and didn't have an internet connection, so I passed some
of the time by splitting the big commit up in to individual package

I removed the rails-wip file at the same time, and added things to the
ruby or rails modules. I also merged in the changes I made, which are a
mixture of updates and disabling test suites in to the commits adding
the respective package.

I've pushed these commits (there are now ~125) to a new branch,
wip-rails-2 [1].

Hi Chris, sounds excellent. I actually wanted to use / test ruby-activerecord in another context, but ran into some connection errors on your server. I guess this is an issue on the server end. Are you able to fix them, or push that branch to savannah please?

$ git remote set-url cbaines git://
$ git fetch cbaines
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection refused[1: 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe69:8da9]: errno=Network is unreachable

$ git remote set-url cbaines
$ git fetch cbaines
error: wrong index v2 file size in .git/objects/pack/pack-739d9ab6fbe9233657458397a3ab1f0ad30107f1.idx.temp error: Unable to find 289e6cffc4ed9a6658e85b22635ea2fd3126bc3f under
Cannot obtain needed object 289e6cffc4ed9a6658e85b22635ea2fd3126bc3f
error: fetch failed.

Thanks, ben

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