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a guile based build tool at the base of a guile-build-system

From: Catonano
Subject: a guile based build tool at the base of a guile-build-system
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 09:55:18 +0200

2018-04-23 10:20 GMT+02:00 Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>:
Hello Ricardo & all!

Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> skribis:

> I’m happy to announce that the group I’m working with has released a
> preprint of a paper on reproducibility with the title:
>     Reproducible genomics analysis pipelines with GNU Guix
> We built a collection of bioinformatics pipelines and packaged them with
> GNU Guix, and then looked at the degree to which the software achieves
> bit-reproducibility (spoiler: ~98%), analysed sources of non-determinism
> (e.g. time stamps), discussed experimental reproducibility at runtime
> (e.g. random number generators, kernel+glibc interface, etc) and
> commented on the idea of using “containers” (or application bundles)
> instead.

Very impressive piece of work!  I think it’s important to stress that
reproducible builds is a crucial foundation for reproducible
computational experiments, and this paper does a great job at this.

Also nice that you show you can have these bit-reproducible pipelines
formalized in Guix *and* produce a ready-to-use “container image.”

Hopefully we can soon address the remaining sources of non-determinism
shown in Table 3 (I think you already addressed some of them in the
meantime, didn’t you?).

The bit I’m less comfortable with is Autotools.  I do understand how it
helps capture configure-time dependencies, and how it generally helps
people package and use the software; I think it’s one of the best tools
for the job.  However it’s also hard to learn and, whether it’s
justified or not, it’s considered “scary.”

Given the intended audience, I wonder how we could provide a simpler
path to achieve the same goal.  It could be a set of Autoconf macros
leading to high-level ‘’ files without any line of shell
code, or it could be Guix interpreting a top-level .scm or JSON file,
both of which would ideally be easier to write for bioinformaticians.

What are your thoughts on this?

I have explored the possibility to create a guile based tool for building guile packages

That could be easily expanded to support non guile based projects

It could reproduce all thhe tests that Autoconf generated scripts perform

I thought it would be nice to reproduce the record format used in Guildhall

It seems to me that the pacages defined in pkg-list.scm files are not using the standard srfi-9 syntax

I also noticed that the guix/records.scm file

So I embarked in the process of learning how the guile macros are used there

It was a tumble, substantially

I couldn't read the code, too much and too articulated

The guile manual was not very helpfful

So I took this article

to a print shop to have it printed and be able to read it peacefully

I read it. so now I know at least what the whole thing is about

I made this little (< 7 Mb) footage of me expanding a guix defined macro for creating a record

Too bad, it expands the thing completely, so I end up with some code creating and manipulating structures, rather than srffi-9 records

I remebered aout a macroexpand-1 macro doing only one pass of expansion but that's in Clojure !
I remembered incorrectly !

So this is where I'm at and where I've been

A stumble in yakk shaving, substantially.

I could give up on macros and use srfi-9 records for now.

The next step would be to test if some guile deps are available (calling the line I already have briefly discussed here)

should anyone be working on a guile based buld tool, I'd love them to make their efforts known to the community, maybe publish a repo somewhere

Anyway, kudos on this, thank you!


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