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Questions regarding "Relocatable" option

Subject: Questions regarding "Relocatable" option
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:18:52 +0000

Hi Guix,

First, thanks for making my day when i read some days ago the post about 
"Relocatable", what a great news and a killer feature ! Far better than my 
trick exposed past weeks ago to Ludovic and even better than the wrapper i had 
imagine to write :)
When "proot" will be included in the binary tarball and implemented with 
"relocatable", it will be awesome ! 

Some questions coming from this new feature that i don't already tested :

- Could we hope to see it included in the next release ?

- Could we hope to see it included by default in the binary tar.gz of this next 
release to be able to use guix directly in an unprivileged environment ? ( i 
dreaming of this every night ^^ )

- Does the "relocatable" could be the default option and have an 
"--no-relocatable" option for people who want to avoid the little extra time to 
start an application ?

- While a i write those questions, i just wondering, after compiling Guix with  
"relocatable", does it mean we could packaging Guix itself with the 
"relocatable" option, be able to use it in an unpriviliged environment , and by 
the way, having the answer to my second question ^^ ? :)

Best regards, Guix it is really a good project

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