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M2-Planet latest release

From: Jeremiah
Subject: M2-Planet latest release
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 01:55:28 +0000

Today I proud to announce M2-Planet version 0.2.0
The world's simplest C compiler with support for:
structs with sizeof support
anonymous unions (inside of structs)
Inline assembly
for, while and do loops with optional breaks
bitwise operations
escaped strings
Passable function pointers
Written and self-hosting in a lovely C99 subset
optional dwarf footers (thanks to mescc-tools blood-elf) allowing for
objdump and gdb to play nicely
and 100% deterministic output

Able to be bootstrapped from a trivial Macro-assembler and hex2-linker
(which when hand made are under 3KB total)
which can be found here:
or via any C compiler that supports only 60% of the features of M2-Planet 

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