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Re: gnumaint changes

From: Mike Gerwitz
Subject: Re: gnumaint changes
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 21:55:05 -0400
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On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 21:40:19 -0400, Mike Gerwitz wrote:
> I'll have to look at what guix/gnu-maintenance.scm does, but:


> Rather than get rid of gnupackages.txt completely, I wrote a script last
> week to generate it from rec/gnupackages.rec.  The formats are largely
> the same---it's possible that you can use the recfile directly.
> However, if you still need the old format, just run
> `make gnupackages.txt`.

Ah, I see, it fetches that single file over HTTP.  Certainly running
`make` (or the underlying gawk script) is undesirable in that situation.

Can someone with more knowledge of what this is used for run a couple of
tests to see what is broken if you use rec/gnupackages.rec instead?
Worst case, I can commit gnupackages.txt until the script can be
updated, but I'd prefer to keep generated files out of the repository.

pkgblurbs.txt has also been replaced by rec/pkgblurbs.rec.

If anyone here also knows of any other external systems pulling from
womb, please lmk.  I wasn't aware that anyone outside of maintainers@
used that repo, tbh.

Mike Gerwitz
Free Software Hacker+Activist | GNU Maintainer & Volunteer
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