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Re: Web interface pushed

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Web interface pushed
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2018 00:03:30 +0200
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Hi Tatiana,

> The next features I am thinking of are
>    - make red, green and grey links on the evaluations page actually
>    working and usable for filtering builds of the evaluation with a given
>    status;
>    - add some navigation tools to improve usability, especially for the
>    case when a user wants to go back to the previous level of the interface
>    (e.g. from evaluation page to specifications list);
>    - add a page with some basic info about a build, containing a link to
>    the corresponding build log;

This all sounds very good and manageable.  I think this also matches
some of the open items that Gábor identified earlier.

> I am going to make a new branch and push these changes in a few days, so
> you could try them.


> I have a question regarding the link for the final GSOC evaluation.
> According to the GSOC requirements
> <>,
> from the provided URL it should demonstrate the result of the project. I
> suppose that it would be nice to include the example of the working
> interface running on to the final document which
> I will prepare for the evaluation (and which also will contain a link to
> the list of changes made to the codebase). Would it be appropriate to do
> so?

Yes, this would be fine, but note that the document should really stand
on its own.  Whatever is shown on will change
over time.  You can add a link to it as an example, but make sure that
your “work product” page would not feel incomplete without it.
(E.g. take screenshots if you want to show specific features instead of
linking to pages on

If you want to we could also aim to publish this as a blog post on the
Guix website, but that’s really up to you.  The Guix blog is a good way
to make your work known in the community and to people who are following
the project.


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