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Re: emacs irony-mode

From: Tim Gesthuizen
Subject: Re: emacs irony-mode
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 21:48:57 +0200
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On 13.08.2018 21:23, fis trivial wrote:
> Tim Gesthuizen writes:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to package irony-mode for emacs and quickly
>> noticed that I need more input on how packages like this should
>> be seperated or handled.
>> Maybe somebody wants to take my approach and integrate the
>> package definition(s) into guix or provide some information
>> towards how such packages should be integrated.
>> You find the script with my package definition attached.
>> Mentioning packages with similar problems would also be helpful.
>> Best regards,
>> Tim Gesthuizen
> I'm not helping. But there are other candidates than irony-mode now. For two
> scenarios:
>     1. You have a way to generate compilation database:
>        Use cquery with lsp-mode. cquery is a fully featured c/c++/objective-c
>        language server.
>        or
>        Use rtags.  The server is packaged in Guix. Personal experience tells
>        that cquery is better at its job.  But you can be the judge. :)
>     2. You can't generate a compilation database:
>        Just use company-clang and flycheck, which combined should do 
> everything
>        irony could.
> If this doesn't convince you to give up irony-mode. Then your packaging looks
> good to me.  If there really is room to improve, maybe you can extract the
> "source" part out?  Note that I'm not proficient as others here.
> --
> Jiaming

thank you for mentioning lsp.
I did not know that it is that feature rich so I will definitely give it
a try.
When it does not convince me to be a proper replacement I will keep
packaging irony-mode.
The "source" part will be gone when I pick up the tips from Pierre:

> I think what you want here is a single package, maybe with several outputs.  
> For
> instance, the server would be the "out" output while the Emacs mode would be 
> the
> "emacs" output. 

It was just an attempt to show that both packages use the same source.

For now I will stop working on irony-mode and maybe pick it up at a later
Also I do not know how many other people are using irony-mode so maybe
it's just me and packaging it is pointless anyway.

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