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A major milestone in bootstrapping

From: Jeremiah
Subject: A major milestone in bootstrapping
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 00:34:09 +0000

Today I am proud to announce a combo of releases with major milestones.

First stage0, reached Release version 0.2.0; which includes the following:
A 250byte hex0 bootstrap binary that is self-hosting and builds hex1,
which builds hex2, which bootstraps M0 macro assembly which has been
used to make:

The world's FIRST C compiler written in M0 macro assembly, supporting:
inline assembly
function pointers

which is capable of compiling reproducibly:

The newly released M2-Planet V1.0

Which is a self-hosting C compiler which is 100% deterministic by design
with support for all the features needed to build the pieces of:


which is capable of building M2-Planet from it's M1 macro seed.

Soon we hope to finish the MesCC bootstrap from M2-Planet and then we
will have a complete bootstrap path from 250byte hex0 all the way up to
gcc ^_^

-Jeremiah Orians

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