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From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 09:10:07 +0200
User-agent: mu4e 1.0; emacs 26.1

Hi Arun,

>>> Is this about allowing attached patches to be downloaded? Is it
>>> currently possible to download patches using mumi? It would be nice to
>>> use mumi for my entire workflow, and not have to fallback to the old
>>> debbugs web interface.
>> This is now possible.  I currently only decode attachments that are in
>> base64 and quoted printable formats; all others are sent as is.
> How is it possible to download patches (or their mboxes) from the mumi
> interface? I didn't see it anywhere in the web interface. Did I miss
> something?

I haven’t yet added a way to download attached patches (they are only
displayed inline).  At the moment you can only download attachments that
cannot be displayed.  I’ll try to find time to change this today.

>> I’d be happy if your work on email parsers could end up in mumi and
>> replace some of my own poor quality code :)
> Sure, I'll contribute to mumi. :-) Where do I send patches? It would be
> nice to use debbugs (say, address@hidden) to track the patches, so
> that we can dogfood with mumi.

I think that only GNU packages may use  Mumi is not a
GNU package (yet?).


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