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GuixSD on AArch64

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: GuixSD on AArch64
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 12:17:58 -0700

On 2018-10-22, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> On IRC earlier today Vagrant mentioned that the Pinebook AArch64 laptop
> (see <>) should be able to run
> GuixSD when Linux-libre 4.19 and U-Boot 2018.11 are out, with 100% free
> software.  That may give another incentive to work on AArch64.

Looking like u-boot 2019.01 might be more likely, but modest patches
work with 2018.11-rc2. I'll probably bring the pinebook with me to the
Paris meetup in December... though with only 2GB of ram it might not
make the most exciting GuixSD system... :)

Very similar is the free open-source hardware Teres-I from olimex:

... Which is just a kit with all the parts you assemble yourself!

live well,

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