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Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines?

From: Mathieu Lirzin
Subject: Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines?
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 16:39:00 +0200
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Hello Tobias,

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <address@hidden> writes:

> I've (re-)read the links you've provided (thanks). I guess it's
> supposed to be obvious what you find disagreeable about them, but if
> one doesn't disagree, it's not that obvious. :-)

IMO Discussing what I find disagreeable with the particular form of
Feminism advocated by the links I have provided is off topic.

Without direspecting those who agrees with those ideas, I think it is
reasonably obvious that not everybody supporting Free Software, supports
those unrelated political ideas.

> That said, I hope we can address any perceived lack of merit in (our
> copy of) the CoC without resorting to its original authors. The
> resulting irony blast would level multiple city blocks.

I don't understand the last sentence.  Can you explain it with
simpler words?

>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]


Mathieu Lirzin
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