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Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines?

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 13:48:19 -0400
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Thorsten Wilms writes:

> On 29/10/2018 09.59, Björn Höfling wrote:
>> In law, there is the term of "conduct implying an intent". So even not
>> signing anything you could argue that by sending a bug or a patch you
>> silently agree with the community guidelines, CoC, etc. You enter the
>> community be interacting the first time. And will be judged by their
>> guidelines.
> It used to be that you could pick a Free Software project and send a patch.
> Now sending a patch is supposed to imply agreeing to the equivalent of
> an EULA? Everyone is expected to welcome that as progress?

Submitting code to a project under a copyleft license is also agreeing
to policy.

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