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Dual Boot GuixSd along side other preexisting distros

From: Nalin Ranjan
Subject: Dual Boot GuixSd along side other preexisting distros
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 22:55:50 +0530

 Hi Guys,
Can you guys please help me with a bit of understanding?

I have a ThinkPad T410 on which I am trying to do this. Currently I have a dual boot configuration running Ubuntu and Windows 7. Could that grub install failure because of my /boot not being empty and formatted afresh for GuixSD? If so, can anyone of you please help me in figuring out how to install GuixSD alongside those existing ones(other distros plus special Mr. Windows)? Do I need to reformat my /boot to make it fresh so that Grub install from GuixSD installation could succeed(not sure if this is the reason for failure).  if a reformatting is imminent, what will you suggest to do on case I just need to recover my old stuff?

Thanks and Regards
Nalin Ranjan

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