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Re: FOSDEM 2019 - stand

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: Re: FOSDEM 2019 - stand
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2018 15:22:41 +0100

Hi Guix,

we have only one day left (somehow, I thought it would be until 4th
November, but it is Nov 2nd!). So, I would like to get this out tonight
or at latest tomorrow morning (UTC+1).

The people from Reproducible Builds have too few people, so we are left
alone. I still would give it a try and we have quite some people who
have volunteered for the stand. So, let's just give it a try, we can't
loose anything.

Here is my proposal, I have some open questions regarding official
logo and contacs and naming, and if you like to add/update the
description, feel free.


Project details

;; Is the right way "GNU Guix" or just "Guix"? Or even "GuixSD" or "GNU
;;; Guix and GNU GuixSD"?

Name of project: GNU Guix

Description of project(s) for publication:

;; This is mostly copied from the manual's introduction part:

GNU Guix is a package management tool for the GNU system. Guix makes it
easy for unprivileged users to install, upgrade, or remove packages, to
roll back to a previous package set, to build packages from source, and
generally assists with the creation and maintenance of software

You can install GNU Guix on top of an existing GNU/Linux system where
it complements the available tools without interference, or you can use
it as part of the standalone Guix System Distribution or GuixSD. With
GNU GuixSD, you declare all aspects of the operating system
configuration and Guix takes care of instantiating the configuration in
a transactional, reproducible, and stateless fashion.

GuixSD is developed under the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines

Why does it fit FOSDEM?

;; Anything more to say?
;; This is not to publish but just for the FOSDEM-people.

GNU GuixSD is a FSDG-complient GNU/Linux-Distribution. GNU Guix and GNU
GuixSD is and was present at FOSDEM with several talks over the last
years and has its fringe event in the FOSDEM-time.

Number of tables: 1

Contact information
Primary contact

I would add myself here.

First name:
Last name:
Submitter's affinity to the project(s): Community Member

Secondary contact
First name: Ludovic, is that OK?
Last name:

Additional information
Project website URL:

;; Which one to choose officially?
Project logo URL:

;; I saw at the FSF-page (
;; is linked to this: Should we use this?

;; When I look at "Contacts", I see only a list of Mailing lists.
;; Which one should I write in here?
Public contact email address: ?!

Source code location:

Additional links (e.g. IRC, Google+, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,
mailing list etc.):

* IRC: #guix on Freenode.
* Help mailing list:
* Developer mailing list:

;; This is for the stand. We have a table and WiFi and electric power.
;; I think we don't need anything special, right?
Special requirements:

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