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Re: plz is there a roadmap for a more resilient substitutes infrastructu

From: Devan Carpenter
Subject: Re: plz is there a roadmap for a more resilient substitutes infrastructure?
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018 10:13:20 +1300

Giovanni Biscuolo transcribed 2.7K bytes:
> Ciao,
> recently users and developers are facing hard to manage problems due to
> the maintainance of and its proxy [1]
> since 23 Oct 2018
> unfortunately many recent reports from users in help-guix and guix-devel
> mailing list clearly shows that it's still not a
> solution, since several missing substitutes are forcing users to "build
> the world" [2]
> please is there a roadmap in GNU and/or Guix devel team to address this
> problems?
> GuixSD is now well known in the free software community, please
> aknowledge that this king of problems are detrimental to project
> reputation 
> given the prolonged issue, please also consider writing an *official*
> blog post explaining the current situation and steps adopted to prevent
> similar issues in the future


> Me and many others would be very happy to help building a more resilient
> substitutes infrastructure: just tell us how to do
> for example:
> 1. is there a method to "replicate the whole store of an official server
> (e.g. once healed)" so we can just "guix publish" a
> *complete* mirror? In this case a ready to use official
> mirror-config.scm could be useful

I am almost to a point where I am ready to setup a server for this
purpose, so I am also interested if there is a practical way to do
"bootstrap" it from another build server like this.


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