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Re: now provides substitutes for ‘guix pull’

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Re: now provides substitutes for ‘guix pull’
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018 15:19:23 +0100
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The title is somewhat in-apt right now ;). I went through pain

Even so, specifying the commit with 'guix pull' is incredibly useful
because it allows us to use our own substitutes and deploy the same
software across machines.

Now 'guix pull' itself is rather slow. Would it be possible to use
Guix pack or archive on an existing ~/.config/guix/current graph? I am
looking to quickly deploy guix itself as binary blobs too. 

Any idea of what could work? Maybe I should just do a 

  ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix package -i guix -p ~/opt/guix

and copy that profile. It should contain the exact same package tree,


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