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Re: Stop it. Formerly - Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guideli

From: Jeremiah
Subject: Re: Stop it. Formerly - Re: Promoting the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines?
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 01:19:42 +0000

Perhaps, it is human nature to think in terms of conflict; right and wrong.

Absolutes are naturally attractive, especially to those of us who
program. It just feels so natural because what we work with the most is
in many ways exactly like that.

But one needs not get stuck on such a perspective.

The Code of Conduct is an entirely rational and correct solution to a
population of only cognitively normative individuals.

But that is not the argument being made by both sides.

But rather we as a community have those who fall outside of bounds of
what is considered Cognitively Normal in our set of productive members
and for them the Code of Conduct is a point of contention.

It is entirely counter productive for that population and it isn't what
historically been effective at growing productive software development
communities in the past.

But we need not think in such limited terms as have or not have in
regards to the Code of Conduct but rather; can we carve out a zone of
exclusion where those who are productive members of the community can
act and interact without fear of the Code of Conduct or other normative
pressure placed upon them?

I propose we institute a Tony Stark <-> Pepper Pots mechanism.

We create channels for people who can't or will not conform to the Code
of Conduct are free to collaborate and contribute to the project through
a few designated individuals who have thick skin and are willing to put
up with Flaming assholes in private for the good of the project.

There are multiple details we will need to hammer out over time but the
general idea is we stop trying to force people who are different from
contributing in a positive manner.


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