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Re: Trying to make texinfo patch

From: Thorsten Wilms
Subject: Re: Trying to make texinfo patch
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 18:53:59 +0100
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On 06/11/2018 14.16, Laura Lazzati wrote:
Sure, a friend suggested me having at least my foreign distro with guix on the cloud, for instance in Amazon Web Services - you can suggest another one. Mainly in case my computer crashes and I have to do a fresh install, which happened - I back up my VMs almost daily - if it's hardware starts failing, if it gets stolen, and  I could go on mentioning examples. But I don't know if guix community allows that, so I wanted to ask first.

As long as nobody else has to interact with the service because of your use of it, it's entirely up to you. Somewhat similar to how you choose your own hardware and internet service provider (I say far from being representative of the community, but that seems sure enough).

AWS is rather complex. Several services make things easier if all one is looking for is off-site backup, but some would make you use Non-Free-Software, the very thing this community can never recommend.

A Free-Software-friendly alternative would be Just a ZFS file system that can be accessed via ssh/sftp. They have been around since 2001 and seem to have a pretty good reputation, but I don't know how they compare to other options, cost-wise.

Or, as a _perhaps_ easier and "good enough" solution, consider an external hard-drive for regular backups (otherwise detached and stored in a safe space). Even better if you have several to cycle through.

Thorsten Wilms

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