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Re: New detailed troubleshooting section in the manual

From: alex sassmannshausen
Subject: Re: New detailed troubleshooting section in the manual
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018 07:38:53 +0100


On Thu, 8 Nov 2018, 20:54 Laura Lazzati <address@hidden wrote:
Hi Ludo

Following these instructions should make the warnings go away,
doesn’t it?
No they don't. I installed the package, exported the path, added it to my .profile file but the message still appears.
And if I check `env | sort`, even after rebooting or shutting down, the GUIX_LOCPATH is set.
I also tried installing glibc-locales but the same happens.

I may have missed this earlier, but have you tried installing glibc-locales in the root profile too?

I've found in the past that I needed the full glibc-locales, in root and user profile. I also needed the path configuration in both. You may need to restart the deamon after... I don't remember.

If I only did the user install, then the locpath warning message disappears for the user side, but not for the deamon side.

Hope this is helpful!



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