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Re: Contributing to the manual

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Contributing to the manual
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2018 08:18:26 +0100


On 2018-11-10 05:14, Quiliro Ordonez wrote:


Thank you very much for your instructions Gábor.

I understand that I must do git checkout and modify the file
guix/doc/guix.texi and no other texi file. Then I must git commit and
then git push.

git push won't work if you are not a committer

see below how to use format-patch instead

But I do not feel so sure about making the changes that I
propose or about a the best tools to do it quickly. To be clear: I am
not so confident about acceptability of my changes and about the time I
must use.

If someone would comment on my proposals I would feel more confident
about making a commit myself. And if someone would tell me what tools to
use and refer to methods for editing files the quickest way, I would
feel better about not using so much of my time. I know this hand-holding
is a lot of work. But it would be just this time.

Of course that I could make the changes and those might not be
incorporated on the master. So there is no risk with my commit. Of
course that I could take 40 hours to make the changes.

I don't understand what part of this process would take 40 hours.

Lets start with a few edits and go from there. See below

I ask for help in
order for me to gain confidence that my work will be of use and that I
am not taking a year to move a centimeter. Does that make sense?
Yes, that makes sense.

Thanks for taking your time with this.

I found a couple of the same omissions but by far this is the most thorough once-over anyone has subjected the manual to to my knowledge. :)

Unfortunately I do not understand some of your notes so I cannot make them on your behalf.

If you don't feel confident making the changes, how about we do like this:

You download guix.texi here:

Make a few related changes (typos e.g.)

Email me or guix-devel the file describing your edits.


alternatively you could install git and do

git --depth=1

make a few related changes to doc/guix.texi

git commit (explain what you did, preferably following how other doc: commits look in guix, see or read the contributing section in the manual)

git format-patch HEAD~1 (will export the last commit as a patch)

email the resulting patch-file to this thread or preferably to address@hidden


alternatively you could install a git gui and do it all from there. e.g. gitg


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