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Re: Preparing the reduced bootstrap tarballs

From: Jeremiah
Subject: Re: Preparing the reduced bootstrap tarballs
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 14:27:29 +0000

> I think it's important that the new bootstrap-tarballs be
> bit-reproducible, such that they can be independently verified by anyone
> who wishes to do so.

Every Piece below M2-Planet has always been bit-reproducible.
In fact, each piece is designed in a way that you could by hand predict
what the resulting binary must be after any change.

and once I finally complete stage0; you would also have the blueprints
for making the virtual machine in hardware, hand toggle in the bits for
the hex0-monitor and have absolute proof that no trusting trust or Nexus
Intruder Class attacks have occurred in the creation of the binaries.

Every issue anyone is willing to bring, I will publicly address until
all bootstrap roots (even on arbitrary hardware) lead to the proof that
these binaries are perfectly reproducible and that they only behave in
the manner explicitly specified by the standards to which they conform.

> In particular, *I* would like to independently verify them, on my own
> laptops where I have avoided using binary substitutes for a long time,
> and which I keep with me at all times.
Already done; here are the steps currently for bootstrapping the
mescc-tools-seed and M2-Planet seed.M1:
git clone ''
cd stage0
make test
cd ..
git clone ''
cd mescc-tools
make test
cd ..
git clone ''
cd mescc-tools-seed
./ sin

To generate the M2-Planet seed.M1 you need to either export
mescc-tools-seed's blood-elf, M1 and hex2 or mescc-tools (via copying
into your path or doing make install) then the steps to generate are as
git clone ''
cd M2-Planet
./ refresh

Now you are done

> My hope until now is that when we generated our existing bootstrap
> binaries in 2013, Guix was too marginal a project to attract the
> attention of hackers who might wish to compromise our bootstrap.  In
> 2018, as Guix has become more popular, we might well be considered a
> worthy target of such efforts.

I like to go with the assumption that every binary is already
compromised; but by going back to the basics we can find and rip out
every single hook until we are finally secure.

I don't trust any hardware I can't or didn't make myself.
And the only root of trust we have is the ability to work as a
community, giving every member the ability to independently check our
assumptions and point out our mistakes. We will have false starts and
failures of imagination but we by working together will make us all a
dream that is too hard to achieve alone but easy now that we have each
other helping us all strive to a brighter future.


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