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Re: Come back and graphical installer

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: Re: Come back and graphical installer
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 11:26:53 +0900
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Hi Ludo,

> I gave the installer a try in ‘guix system vm’ from commit
> 2bc8f10a35f24ecfa9f0be6b1e26b4f7af0a275c: impressive piece of work!

Thanks a lot :)

> In ‘guix system vm’ the process stopped after trying to use “wired”
> network.  At that point I realized I couldn’t switch to other VCs using
> Alt-F2 & co.  Is that something specific to kmscon?  Anything we can do
> about it?

It might be a bug because the last step is supposed to be "User
selection". Currently after this step, the program exits and is
restarted (as the installer is the shell of the root process).

For me it is possible to switch tty with ctrl-alt-fx on real hardware
and with alt-f2, sendctrlkey ctrl-alt-fx on Qemu. However, besides tty2
which I kept as documentation, other tty are also root kmscon terminals
spawning the installer.

> I think it’d be nice to have the new installer UI on tty1 and yet be
> able to just switch to root terminals or the manual on the other VCs.

You mean, switching from

tty1: installer
tty2: documentation
tty3-6: installer


tty1: installer
tty2: documentation
tty3-6: plain root terminals


That would require to find a new solution to spawn the installer on
tty1. I tried the 'login-program' way but I don't like it because the
installer does not have access to PAM env variables. Any other idea?

Thanks for your feedback :)


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