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Re: GNU Guix Video Documentation discussing priorities

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: GNU Guix Video Documentation discussing priorities
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 13:09:14 +0100

Hello guix!

Now that we have our intern announced I would like to bring this
thread back to life.

So regarding the Outreachy Project for Creating Video Documentation
for GNU Guix,
we come to a point where we should set up the priorities:
1. What types of videos should be created first:
a. introducing concepts,
b. practical howtos.
2. What audience to target:
a. people not yet interested in guix
b. people new to guix
c. users
d. developers.
3. What topics to cover first.

What we have so far:

Based on Julien's suggestions:
* Focus on more practical howtos aimed at people new to guix.
** installing guix on a foreign distro
** installing guixsd
** using guix: installing, upgrading and removing packages
** guix pull
** MAYBE guix gc
* Developers (not guix, but general devs)
** environments vs profiles
** developing on guixsd
** "getting back to work" when something goes wrong
** roll-back profile, system-profile, guix

Additional questions based on Laura's suggestions:
* Should we aim some videos at contributors?
* Should we create videos related to getting help or troubleshooting?

Please feel free to add to the list above, if you feel anything is missing.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,

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