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Re: Outreachy project infrastructure

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Outreachy project infrastructure
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 22:13:44 -0300


I’ve been using Inkscape for all of my presentations (after exporting to
Yes, I was surprised, I would have never thought about it for presentations. I used it for posters, certificates and so on. 
I would advise against using the asciinema *site*
Ok, I take your advice 

Yes, but since this workflow would be using gettext we already know that
it basically works :)  Translation to Spanish is fine.

If we use the usf format for subtitles we can use gettext / itstool for
the translations of the subtitles as well.  The subtitles also serve as
a narration script, really, so no extra step for translating audio files
is needed — we’d only need a common directory structure to store a
bundle of a subtitle file, audio recording(s), and translated source
Wow!  So does the rest agree in using this format? 

Can’t hurt to clone that too, but it does not contain slides for past
Yes, I know, just asked to know which repos are useful to have. I found them in

Regards :)

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