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Packaging Arcan

From: L p R n d n
Subject: Packaging Arcan
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 13:14:47 +0100
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I started to package Arcan[1], mostly for fun and trying to learn a bit
more about Guile/Guix. (maybe hoping for guile bindings too. :D)
It mostly works, at least builds, but a few questions arised so here I
am. I join the current WIP patch just in case.

1. Using 'guix lint', I get the same error for all packages:
'the source file name should contain the package name' which I don't
understand. So what's wrong?

2. Arcan server needs some ENV variables to be set to find all its
components. After some search/tries, I ended up using wrap-program which
works. But I stumbled upon 'search-paths' and 'native-search-paths'
along the way. I looked in the manual but I still don't understand there 
concrete use.
Can someone enlighten me?

3. Arcan uses patched versions of some softwares in certain cases
(openal, qemu and xorg-server) which are all obtained throught dedicated
git repositories. xorg-server seems okay as it mainly produces a binary
called Xarcan. The two others are a little bit ore complicated

3.a. For qemu, I fear the produced binaries would conflict with the
original ones. Is there something we can do in the build process to deal
with that can of thing or sould we just expect the user deal with it on
its own as Guix doest it very well on its own?

3.b. The patched openal is used during build to produce a special binary
(arcan_lwa which allows nested servers). It should normally be fetched
during build time which is obviously not possible here. I suppose there
is no clear answer here but how would you deal with that kind of
behaviour? Create a modified openal package? Can we fetch multiple sources?

4. Licenses seem quite complicated (see COPYING[2]). I added a list of
licenses to the package for now. Is there a better way?

By the way, if someone is interested by this package, every help is
welcomed. ;)

Thanks a lot,



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