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Merging core-updates

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Merging core-updates
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2018 19:20:26 +0100
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Hello Guix!

‘core-updates’ seems to be in a rather good shape.  Unfortunately, the
web UI and APIs of and make it difficult
to have a clear view of the situation.

“make assert-binaries-available” passes for all architectures, meaning
we have Emacs/X11 among other things available as substitutes.

The ‘bootstrap-tarballs’ package is available on all platforms including

On x86_64, LibreOffice, IceCat, etc. are available as substitutes; ‘guix
weather’ reports only 50% of coverage on berlin and 80% on (we’ll have to elucidate the bad number on berlin.)
I’m using ‘core-updates’ for both my system and my user profile.

Overall I’m in favor of merging.

What do people think?


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