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Re: qemu command line for installation

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: qemu command line for installation
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2018 09:35:02 -0300

Thank you a lot Gabor :)
Yesterday I did not see that time went by and had to go out  and rush
without mentioning it on IRC channel and felt ashamed of that, because
everyone was helping me.
But when I arrived back, I copied the conversation in a text file to
read it in detail today.
I  guess that the only issue I faced  while installing guixSD - I
faced many, but because of being learning it - on my retroPC was the
floppy disk stuff, because it has a drive. But I just opened my
machine and unplugged it.
I will try that now :)
BTW: I don't use vBox because of being lazy or being a fan of it, but
it is the hypervisor I learned, and it is easier for me. I read a
tutorial for qemu but it did not mention all that stuff.
And I am CCing also Björn, Ludo, and Ricardo.
As regards the videos, is it wrong to have Ubuntu as a foreing distro?
I know about the FOSS stuff about it, but please, let me know if you
prefer a specific one. I found this: and GuixSD appears <3
Maybe I could try Trisquel, WDYT?

Regards :)

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