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Re: Merging ‘wip-newt-installer’ in master?

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Merging ‘wip-newt-installer’ in master?
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 15:50:07 -0800

On 2018-12-05 14:23, Mathieu Othacehe wrote:
> Hello,
> I pushed a few commits to the branch. All main features are now
> implemented. The only important stuff missing (in my opinion) is the
> encryption support during partitioning (as well as RAID and LVM I
> guess). I also took most of Thorsten remarks into account.
> I'll keep tinkering the branch in the next few days, but it is now
> possible to have a complete experience and install a real system!

Wow! Nice. What a comeback+delivery it was indeed. Thanks for keeping up
the steam on this. I look forward to test it soon. :D

I will have to repartition my devpc to make it possible to have a 2-3 GB
test-init partition for testing it.


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