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Re: Building Bash with Geesh

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: Building Bash with Geesh
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2018 20:01:19 -0500
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Hi Jan,

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:

> Timothy Sample writes:
> Hi Timothy!
> ...
> Just yesterday, I managed to build a minimal bash and make using Gash
> and a very simple boot script, so without coreutils&co.  A Scheme-only
> bootstrap is coming closer...

That’s excellent!  I am excited to take a closer look at Gash with all
the progress made over the last month.

>> You may be thinking at this point, “what about Gash?”  (For those who
>> don’t know, Gash is also a Shell interpreter written in Guile
>> <>.)  The Gash folks and I have been
>> thinking for a while about the best way to share work and combine
>> efforts.
> Yeah...Gash has an option to use the Geesh LALR parser, however it's not
> very well integrated (in fact I fear that the integration may have
> bitrotted).
> I think we should either cherry-pick eachother's goodies for a while, or
> somehow merge into one project that has two parsers (LALR and PEG), or
> spawn a new Guile library that provides the backend (the core-utils and
> co).  It's a real interesting puzzle.  WDYT?

Hmm....  A puzzle indeed.  Spinning off the core-utils stuff makes
sense.  I always assumed that there would be some way in Geesh to
dynamically add built-ins.  The Geesh front-end is isolated from the
rest of it, and could be pulled out with no trouble.

Ultimately, I would like us to coordinate and consolidate what we have
into a unified whole (even if it that whole is made of multiple
packages).  I will take a close look at Gash, and then I will message
you with any plans I come up with for moving forward.  Feel free to
message me with whatever ideas you have, too.  I’m sure we can figure
this out.  :)

>> Finally, and I’m just putting this out there ;), if you’re new to Guile
>> and want a simple project learn with, Geesh might be right for you!  It
>> was a Guile-learning project for me, and it served its purpose
>> admirably.
> Thanks!
> janneke

-- Tim

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