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Gash and Geesh together at last

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Gash and Geesh together at last
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 23:28:25 -0500
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Hi Guix,

I am very happy to announce that Gash and Geesh are merging into a
single project.  Jan and I discussed this earlier today, and decided
that the time has come.  We worked out a list of goodies from each
project that we should be able to zip together into an even greater

(A quick bit of context: Gash and Geesh are both shells written in Guile
Scheme and designed for, among other things, being part of the Guix
bootstrap process.)

Roughly speaking, the plan is to take the interface, interpreter,
utilities, most of the built-ins, and the test suite from Gash, and put
that with the parser, environment, word-splitting module, a handful of
built-ins, and the test suites from Geesh.  We decided that it will
probably be easier to move code from Gash into Geesh, so that is what
I’ll be working on next.  I plan to do it in small steps, so there
should be lots of visible progress as it all comes together.

For the final project, I’m hoping we can keep the name Gash, since it is
the older of the two.

-- Tim

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