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Re: Question about Guix documentation

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Question about Guix documentation
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 09:29:00 +0100

On 2018-12-03 00:39, Laura Lazzati wrote:
1GB of RAM? That is a *lot* :)
I have 2 GB on my 2 day-to-day laptops. 1 with GNOME3 GuixSD and 1 with
Parabola+MATE. Both work fine and I rarely have to wait for other
programs than the really heavy ones (Libreoffice comes to mind).
Oh no! my retroPC is fancy :O and I did not know :) I was going to add
that I did almost up to 4th year of university with it but felt
ashamed. I guess you know where the name  MATE comes from ;), it is at
the end of the site. I will check the processor. because I don't
remember how many cores it has.

Actually what makes a bigger difference than CPU speed/number of cores is the hdd/ssd speed. Because of the heavy store/hardlinking/profile generation hooks etc. Guix is quite disk I/O intensive.

So installing ssd in your old laptop would probably speed things up. They are cheep these days and you can get away with buying a small one for little money 32Gb is enough if you trim generations and run guix gc regularly).


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