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500+ Gnome-shell-extensions - how to handle?

From: swedebugia
Subject: 500+ Gnome-shell-extensions - how to handle?
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 13:15:34 +0100

Hi people

How do we best handle gnome-shell-extensions?

They seem needing to be registered via gsettings (see example in the attached) so a service for exporting the installed extensions seems necessary.

So in a config we would specify:
(shell-extension-service-type =>
                (inherit config)
                        (list (cpufreq-konkor

Things to ponder:
- what naming scheme?
- new importer for extensions?
- new build-system parsing the metadata.json?

Sum up of findings:
- 90% of the extensions had a link to a github repository and had a license clearly specified there. - No license information on (not suitable for import in my view)
- No dependencies found for extensions (they don't depend on each other)
- No need to support gnome-shell-js install via browser
- gse (gnome-shell-extensions) proposed as a prefix for these packages.
- author as they appear on proposed as suffix.

What do we call them?
e.g. "by konkor" -> gse-cpufreq-konkor?

as opposed to this one "by ojo" -> gst-cpufreq-ojo?

In the attached There gse-cpufreq-konkor is listed with a UUID as "address@hidden" (from

Here is an example without an install script (which seems to be a common case):


There is a with the following information:

        "shell-version": [
                "3.10", "3.12", "3.14", "3.16", "3.18", "3.20", "3.22", "3.24", 
        "uuid": "address@hidden",
        "name": "CPU Power Manager",
        "url": "";,
        "description": "Manage Intel_pstate CPU Frequency scaling driver",
        "schema": ""

Based on this I guess we could import gnome-shell-extensions by pointing to the git-repository of them. Those without a git repository are not free because the source is not available...

Any thoughts?


Description: application/shellscript

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