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IPFS trouble

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: IPFS trouble
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 14:00:30 +0100

Hi Laura,

I'm sending this also to guix-devel [and sorry for the previous, empty,
private mail, I was too fast on the sending button].

Note: I'm also new to IPFS, so I hope everything is correct here, if
someone knows better, please reply.

On Tue, 18 Dec 2018 00:04:56 -0300
Laura Lazzati <address@hidden> wrote:

> > A good guide is:
> >
> >   

> Sorry, I read the documentation, but I am mixed up.
> I have my peer identity, and my /ipfs/hash...
> And I find confusing several things:
> If I run ipfs add myfile, using my command line, I cannot find myfile
> in my node. even the add command returns a hash for that file I guess.
> And if I run ipfs ls or cat that hash, the file is shown.

I don't get what you mean with "I cannot find my file". Where are you
looking for it?

> I found useful for instance the webui, but when running ipfs add, my
> files don't appear there if I open it and the other way around either:
> the files are there if I upload them in the webui, and they have a
> hash. I can copy the hash from the webui, but it doesn't work if I run
> ipfs ls on that hash. And the files added with ipfs add myfile do not
> appear in the webui. The webui however has an option to share your
> file, I don't know if that is useful.

You have in IPFS file-objects and directory-objects. The command 'ipfs
ls' is for listing the contents of directory-objects (i.e. list the
files in that directory). If you use it on file-objects (that exit in
the store), the command just returns with no output.

This works for me:

I have the daemon down, i.e. no 'ipfs daemon' started.

Then I can still add things to my local IPFS-store:

mkdir baz
echo "foo" > baz/foo.txt
echo "bar" > baz/bar.txt
echo "Hello World, now it is $(date -u -Ins)" > baz/hello.txt
cat baz/hello.txt 

Hello World, now it is 2018-12-18T12:08:57,304514914+00:00

ipfs add -r baz/
added QmTz3oc4gdpRMKP2sdGUPZTAGRngqjsi99BPoztyP53JMM baz/bar.txt
added QmYNmQKp6SuaVrpgWRsPTgCQCnpxUYGq76YEKBXuj2N4H6 baz/foo.txt
added QmXXZWRsLhFAHNWW6tH4TJVB2UiUPsUX8TZhYavqTne6RH baz/hello.txt
added QmZ9iMU1iKRpAs7dR7XTLGaYtkcYFn6EiMXRhqpk5jaeNg baz
 67 B / 67 B
[=========================================================] 100.00%

Now I can open the web-browser:


--> (Note:I changed my port from default 8080 to 9090, on 8080 is
already something listening) Unable to connect, I don't have the daemon
up yet.

--> Shows "foo", as this Hash is already uploaded in the global network
by someone else.

--> That is with the hash of the directory. Times out, this is not found
on the global network.

Starting daemon:

ipfs daemon





Entering hash of "foo" in the "Explore" tab:


Finds it, I can view it.

Entering hash of "baz" directory:


Yes, it lists the directory.

Globally available:

I can see the directory structure. And I can see the files foo.txt,
bar.txt and hello.txt listed:

But, the "hello.txt" takes its time to download, until now I still
don't see it:

Probably that's because it first needs to search the network and find
my little local host for that file. Hm. Strange.

Ah, after 5 minutes, it's there! Maybe that's also your problem?

Going to my server, daemon is down by default:

myserver$ ipfs ls QmYNmQKp6SuaVrpgWRsPTgCQCnpxUYGq76YEKBXuj2N4H6
Error: merkledag: not found

myserver$ echo "foo" > foo.txt
myserver$ ipfs add foo.txt 
added QmYNmQKp6SuaVrpgWRsPTgCQCnpxUYGq76YEKBXuj2N4H6 foo.txt
 4 B / 4 B
[===========================================================] 100.00%
myserver$ ipfs ls QmYNmQKp6SuaVrpgWRsPTgCQCnpxUYGq76YEKBXuj2N4H6

(i.e., no error, no output)

myserver$ ipfs daemon &

Looking for the directory:

myserver$ ipfs ls QmZ9iMU1iKRpAs7dR7XTLGaYtkcYFn6EiMXRhqpk5jaeNg
[Waiting 3 minutes nothing happens, then:]
QmTz3oc4gdpRMKP2sdGUPZTAGRngqjsi99BPoztyP53JMM 12 bar.txt
QmYNmQKp6SuaVrpgWRsPTgCQCnpxUYGq76YEKBXuj2N4H6 12 foo.txt
QmXXZWRsLhFAHNWW6tH4TJVB2UiUPsUX8TZhYavqTne6RH 67 hello.txt

myserver$ ipfs cat
QmZ9iMU1iKRpAs7dR7XTLGaYtkcYFn6EiMXRhqpk5jaeNg/hello.txt Hello World,
now it is 2018-12-18T12:08:57,304514914+00:00


Hope this helps a bit,


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