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Internet Archive APIs useful as fallback?

From: swedebugia
Subject: Internet Archive APIs useful as fallback?
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 06:26:28 +0100


I stumbled over these at clintons blog and thought I would share them here if anybody is interested.

APIs for content other that way-back machine:

APIs for the way-back machine:

Wayback Availability JSON API

This simple API for Wayback is a test to see if a given url is archived and currenlty accessible in the Wayback Machine. This API is useful for providing a 404 or other error handler which checks Wayback to see if it has an archived copy ready to display. The API can be used as follows:

which might return:

    "archived_snapshots": {
        "closest": {
            "available": true,
"url": "";,
            "timestamp": "20130919044612",
            "status": "200"

Cheers Swedebugia

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