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Re: Better names for Guix versions from git?

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Better names for Guix versions from git?
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 18:48:24 -0800

On 2018-12-26, Gábor Boskovits wrote:
> swedebugia <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2018. dec. 25., K, 22:39):
>> On 2018-12-25 20:49, Taylan Kammer wrote:
>> > Currently, after running 'guix pull', the Guix version will be reported
>> > by 'guix --version' as something like:
>> >
>> >      522d1b87bc88dd459ade51b1ee0545937da8d3b5
>> >
>> > I think it would be really nice if instead it were something like:
>> >
>> >      2018-12-25-522d1b
>> >
>> > where the date is the commit's date (year, month, day) in UTC+0.

The problem with dates from git commits is that git makes no attempt to
keep commits in cronological order, and timezone adds interesting issues
to the mix. For example:

$ git log c180017b6f7e9b6d23238c1fbaac986c435cd35e | head -n 50 | grep
-E ^'commit|Date'
commit c180017b6f7e9b6d23238c1fbaac986c435cd35e
Date:   Tue Dec 25 16:29:12 2018 +0200
commit 039ccc7118b0a6d0cb09e9cab5caf9f629197d03
Date:   Tue Nov 20 17:46:24 2018 +0100
commit 5923102f7b58f0a0120926ec5b81ed48b26a188e
Date:   Thu Dec 27 11:54:55 2018 +0100
commit ad3c9fbbb9fbc1080c9205d991960494ebe22586
Date:   Thu Dec 27 11:53:14 2018 +0100
commit 912f44005dfbf0855d1e5bbc633094bc9456e80b
Date:   Thu Dec 27 09:46:40 2018 +0100

The most recent commit is from the 25th of December, Followed by the
20th of November, followed by several commits from December 27th...

So while I agree that it would be nice to have a date in the version,
I'm not sure where you would pull a meaningful date from.

> What do you think about a git describe like output?
> This gives on current master: v0.16.0-362-g10275b746
> this means the current branch is based on annotated tag
> v0.16.0, 362 commits are added on top, and
> the sort commit id is 10275b746.

Showing the relative version compared to the last tagged version makes a
lot of sense to me! It's done in a way that, at least within a specific
branch (presuming no rebases), the versions can be trivially compared to
know which is the most current.

I'd been meaning to ask about this very topic, thanks for bringing it

live well,

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