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Compiling JS in guix (typescript, babel, browserslist, webpack)

From: swedebugia
Subject: Compiling JS in guix (typescript, babel, browserslist, webpack)
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 15:02:09 +0100


I'm still trying to understand how to best tackle the JS challenge in Guix.

Babel / browserslist:
Today I found this:

It seems that JS-devs have tools like Babel to compile their JS so that it runs in a specific target browser.

As the JS-language is evolving faster than the browsers it can do stuff some browsers do not support.

Typescript (MIT)

This is a Microsoft sponsored superset of JS and a compiler that compiles typescript to standard JS.

It makes it possible to write functionally and for multiple platforms which seems to be the current trend in the JS-community.

We should focus on getting this into Guix just as we focused on getting node packaged.

Typescript is listed as a language at github and the following top 4 projects (by stars) are:

-Visual Studio Code (MIT)
-Angular web framework (MIT)
-ant-design (MIT)
-ionic web app framework (MIT)

I don't understand the value of this tool.

"Bundle" seems to be the thing it does. What is that? Fancy concatenation?

Why is this needed?
Cheers Swedebugia

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