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Re: Brain storming cool Guix features

From: znavko
Subject: Re: Brain storming cool Guix features
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 17:58:17 +0100 (CET)

Hello! As topic is started, I suggest this to a roadmap :

znavko`s  roadmap suggestions:
- total guix architecture guide (not only descriptions of cases ‘environment’, ‘system’, ‘package’ and its options) with pictures,
- interface for searching for substitute servers or a list of available servers
- searching interface for packages substitution (server url, system type, package version), how you can find server where package you need is compiled
- feature for getting source config.scm used in `guix system configure` (for beginners when deleted or modified to unworkable)
- count estimative compilation time for every package in different system configurations and display it  for user system configuration when run `guix package -u` or `guix package -i name`
- promotional video with infographics why to choose Guix and GuixSD

Also this:
- wiki with operating system configurations (starting from a subject, but not from existing options): system packages, services configurations with examples and full list of variables even where to paste it,
- Guile and Scheme for Beginners book.

Jan 4, 2019, 12:11 PM by address@hidden:

I had some cool ideas/features for things that GuixSD could potentially
add, and I wanted to share. Are any of these possible?

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(operating system
(keymap "dvorak")

The above would make the bootloader, console, X, and wayland all use the
dvorak layout. That would be a nice feature! I currently use "dvorak",
and it's slightly annoying that grub uses qwerty. :(

(name "joshua")
(default-font "font-hack"))

The above would set a default font for the user joshua.

How about a hook that stores the user's profile of packages in a
manifest file after every package transaction (upgrade or downgrade)?

(name "joshua")
(updates-in-manifest #t)
(manifest-file "/etc/manifest.scm"))

How about automatic updates? Since a guixSD user can always downgrade
to the previous version, it would be nice if it would automatically
update my user profile, root profile and reconfigure say once a week.

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(operating system
(auto-upgrade #t)
(auto-upgrade-interval 'once-a-week)

Joshua Branson
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