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Re: Brain storming cool Guix features

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Brain storming cool Guix features
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 13:16:24 -0500
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L  p R n  d n    <address@hidden> writes:
>> The above would set a default font for the user joshua.
>> How about a hook that stores the user's profile of packages in a
>> manifest file after every package transaction (upgrade or downgrade)?
>> (user-account
>>         (name "joshua")
>>         (updates-in-manifest #t)
>>         (manifest-file "/etc/manifest.scm"))
>> #+END_SRC
> The ability to deal with user profiles in the configure file would be
> awesome. Is it already possible to define a "default" manifest for a
> user? If not, could be cool too.

There is not default method to do this, but it is possible.  You'd just
need to write some custom code to do it.

>> How about automatic updates?  Since a guixSD user can always downgrade
>> to the previous version, it would be nice if it would automatically
>> update my user profile, root profile and reconfigure say once a week.
>> #+BEGIN_SRC scheme
>> (operating system
>>   (auto-upgrade #t)
>>   (auto-upgrade-interval 'once-a-week)
>>   ...)
>> #+END_SRC
> As said by Ricardo, currently a cron job might just be enough. In the
> long term, a tool to manage updating (pause, schedule, configure stuff)
> could be useful.
>> --
>> Joshua Branson
>> Sent from Emacs and Gnus
> If I can add, I thought about something.
> - Currently, I think the only way for a GuixSD installation to break is
>   if something goes wrong with the bootloader. Might be nice to have a
>   tool (in the install image I suppose) to recover the bootloader.
>   Maybe 'guix system init' can deal with that king of cases for now, I
>   don't know, but a dedicated command might be able to use the original
>   store, restore previous generations etc.

That's a great idea.  I think guix has a command to generate a boot-able
image.  You should be able to add "grub" to the commands that are
available to you.

Then it's just a grub-install command.  The arch wiki has good
documentation on this.  :)

> Bye,
> Lprndn

Joshua Branson
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