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Guix Wikidata module - next steps

From: swedebugia
Subject: Guix Wikidata module - next steps
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2019 12:29:09 +0100


I started today writing a new module and would like to share my ideas with you.
Feel free to add your ideas  too!

I imagine it as an utils collection for a wd importer (correlate the two) and a 
wd exporter that can push e.g. version updates, synopsis and descriptions and 
whole new entries to wd.


First thing to add is the procedures from guile-wikidata that enables us to get 
a label for a given Qid and the output of queries like the one below.

The second thing to add is fold procedures to guess the right qid according to 
the upstream names of guix packages.

The third thing to add is an importer that helps us add qid to our packages. 

Here we have a decision to make. Should we add them as properties or extend our 
record with a field? 
 `((wikidata . "qid"))
(wikidata "qid")

I prefer the latter because I find it more easily handled.

Upstreaming and FSD:

Personally I would like to see new properties on wd making it possible for them 
to hold all our synopses and descriptions.
Guix is quickly growing towards becoming the largest general repository of free 
software with these details.

Writing this I have not forgotten the FSD, but it is in my view not a good 
approach to the "problem" of providing and curating a free software only 
repository. For one thing it seems to lack proper APIs. Also it does not have 
the traction, manpower and programming features of wd or guix. It is obsolete.

I beleive we could generate a much better read-only FSD rather easily with 
guile from guix and wd and tell users some place to report errors and 
contribute corrections (preferably directly on wd).

This said, One thing we currently miss that FSD recently got is an importer 
based on the Mozilla API to import add-ons. 

I believe we will soon have 1000+ npm packages imported as well. I did a little 
comparison of FSD vs WD earlier and the result was that only a few of the most 
prominent npm packages are in either of the databases.


Here comes a little statistics about wd:

The query below lists all software on wikidata.

Of the millions of software out there WD currently have only 14686 entries. 

Of these not all are correctly tagged correctly e.g. free software tagged 
instance of "software".
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