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Improving GUI printing in GuixSD: (python-)system-config-printer, worth

From: swedebugia
Subject: Improving GUI printing in GuixSD: (python-)system-config-printer, worth adding?
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:56 -0800


Today I investigated a bit about this program.

system-config-printer is a Red hat offspin that is essentially a quick
python hack to be able to say "we have a desktop gui for printer

Is it a useful program you think? Having used it on arch and debian I
found it somewhat buggy, ugly, unintuitive.

It does not seem to interact with the system bus in order to send
printer errors to the notification area. (I could be wrong about this)

One thing it does is give you easy access to the queue and to view print
related errors. Although cups errors are usually quite bad if you ask me
and I found I cannot really rely on it for restarting jobs etc.

CUPS seems to me like in the same category as TeX, it is old, scolded,
overly complicated, error prone and we use and rely on it ONLY because
we lack a well working GNU replacement.


system-config-printer depends on pycups and perhaps some polkit

Unfortunately I found no build documentation in the repository and it
has not seen a release for a year.


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