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Re: Unofficial Neovim channel

From: HiPhish
Subject: Re: Unofficial Neovim channel
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 13:59:10 +0100

> I wonder why you felt the need to have that channel?
Two points: the package in Guix is lagging behind in release, and I don't know 
enough yet about Guix to submit patches on a whim. So I made a channel to first 
try thing out for myself before submitting them to Guix. If I mess something 
up in my channel that's my problem, but if I mess up something in Guix then it 
reflects badly on all of Guix. I could have just left the channel local to my 
hard drive (as I had in the past), but making it public allows more people to 
have a look at it.

I guess most (all?) Guix package maintainers use Emacs instead of Vim or 
Neovim, but I use Neovim as my daily driver, so I'm more likely to catch if 
something is wrong. For example, I noticed that the Guix Neovim package is 
using Lua 5.2 libraries has its inputs, whereas you need Lua 5.1 libraries 
(Lua is not backwards-compatible). I had also submitted Lua 5.1 packages of 
lua-lpeg and lua-libmpack to Guix in the past.

> What's the difference between your definition and guix' definition?
Currently not much, only being three releases ahead and having the correct 
dependencies. (Lua 5.2 generally works as well, but you never know when an 
obscure edge-case might bite you in the rear)

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