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Re: 01/01: gnu: Add snapper.

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: 01/01: gnu: Add snapper.
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 19:32:05 +0100
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> Does this really need to have its own branch?  I prefer to keep the
> number of public branches on Savannah low.

I can remove it any time.  Is it really problematic?

> Is it feasible to just disable the two (three?) failing tests instead of
> disabling the tests completely?

I had a quick look at it but did not find anything obvious.  I could try again.

> Patching “” means that we’ll have to bootstrap the build
> system again, which pulls in autoconf and automake.  Can be
> patched instead?

Interesting, I'll try it!

> I don’t understand the TODO comment here.  Why is “/usr” being generated
> in the first place?

Yup, that was mostly a comment for myself that was left behind.
Basically /usr is generated for systemd services which we don't need I believe.
But it also contain some other "service" files, not sure what they are but they
could be required by d-bus.

Thanks for the review!

Pierre Neidhardt

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