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Re: Rust 1.19 fails to build on i686 on ‘staging’

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Rust 1.19 fails to build on i686 on ‘staging’
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 00:51:41 -0500
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Hi Ludovic,

Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Rust fails to build on i686 on ‘staging’, so I don’t know if it’s
> deterministic (the “unexpected EOF” reminds me of parallel build issues
> with half-baked makefiles):
> BUILDING crates_io from crates-io v0.9.0 with features []
>> /gnu/store/fw4yy7cgb5ahs9s2ir00bawnsl5zj7db-mrustc-0.8.0/bin/mrustc 
>> src/tools/cargo/src/crates-io/ --crate-name crates_io --crate-type 
>> rlib --crate-tag 0_9_0 -g --cfg debug_assertions -O -o 
>> output/cargo-build/libcrates_io-0_9_0.hir -L output/cargo-build --extern 
>> curl=output/cargo-build/libcurl-0_4_6.hir --extern 
>> error_chain=output/cargo-build/liberror_chain-0_10_0.hir --extern 
>> serde=output/cargo-build/libserde-1_0_6.hir --extern 
>> serde_derive=output/cargo-build/libserde_derive-1_0_6.hir --extern 
>> serde_json=output/cargo-build/libserde_json-1_0_2.hir --extern 
>> url=output/cargo-build/liburl-1_4_0.hir -L output -L 
>> /gnu/store/fw4yy7cgb5ahs9s2ir00bawnsl5zj7db-mrustc-0.8.0/lib/mrust
> munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
> src/tools/cargo/src/crates-io/ BUG:src/expand/proc_macro.cpp:941: 
> Unexpected EOF while reading from child process

FYI, this is not specific to the 'staging' branch.  The same error has
been happening on our 'master' branch since at least September 2018:


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